This One Region in the United States Isn't Getting Enough Sleep

Much like a whiny child who begs to stay up "just a few more minutes" until the next commercial break, the entirety of the Southwest isn't going to get enough sleep tonight. Worse yet, they're both going to be really cranky come tomorrow morning.

According to new data compiled by the real-estate analysts as, the average adults in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas aren't getting the mimimum recommended amount of sleep per night (at least 7 hours), while the rest of the country seems to average a solid 7 hours and 6 minutes:

By combining reports from the CDC with information pulled from Jawbone fitness trackers, the analysts were also able to pinpoint which states were home to the highest percentages of insomniacs and light sleepers. For example, even though the average Hawaiian gets 7 hours and 4 minutes of sleep every night, the state also boasts the highest percentage (43.9 percent!) of residents who didn't sleep a solid 7 hours. In other words, the other 56 percent of Hawaii is more than making up the difference for its state's most sleepless residents:

At the very least, the study shows that most U.S. cities are getting to bed at a reasonable hour. In their final chart, compared America's bedtimes with those of London's, Sao Paulo's and Seoul's, and it turns out we don't hold a candle to the South Koreans. Take a look below (or ):

Head over to to learn more about America's fitful sleeping habits, then turn off the TV and go to bed, young lady! You can watch the end of "Westworld" tomorrow!