The Best Essential Oils to Deal With Your Many Awful Moods

Certain scents just have a way of lifing your mood, like the aromas of piping hot coffee, freshly baked cinnamon buns, and the McDonald's McGriddle breakfast sandwich with extra syrup.

But when you find yourself in a terrible mood and can't get to the mall food court, you should try seeking out the calming, uplifting properties of essential oils.

In the following infographic, UK health food retailers Holland & Barrett list several of the most popular essential oils for managing your many moods, along with three easy ways for incorporating them into a moody lifestyle. For example, did you know that peppermint is said to thwart pessimism, or that bergamot has been theorized to help with self-esteem issues?

Learn the benefits of several more essential oils below, then throw away that moldy McGriddle you keep in your jacket pocket for quick mood-lifting whiffs. It's losing its potency, anyway.