The 90-Day Beauty Calendar For Gorgeous Hair and Glowing Skin

Keeping up with the latest beauty trends can be a real time-suck. After just a few days into the latest skin-care craze or superfood fad, it seems like we're already falling behind.

The biggest problem, we've realized, is that we haven't had a comprehensive guide for managing all the beauty routines we'd like to incorporate into our regimen — or at least we haven't had one until now.

The experts at Holland & Barrett, a leading U.K. health food and vitamin retailer, have organized all their best tips for better health and glowing skin into a convenient 90-day beauty calendar. And since it's broken into daily, weekly, "fortnightly" and monthly routines, it's much more manageable and realistic than trying to balance all the latest fads.

Keep reading for Holland & Barrett's 90-day beauty calendar, then get started on the path to a glowing, more gorgeous you!