Shocking Transformation: See a $75k Makeover

Have you ever wondered what celebrities really do before they walk the red carpet? Everything from their hair and makeup to their wardrobe and accessories looks outstanding and effortless ... but what do they look like before they get ready?

We looked into the real cost of getting ready for an A-list event and what we found was shocking! Celebrities can spend up to a million bucks to look like ... well, a million bucks! Check out these videos to see how three celebrity stylists transformed an everyday woman into an Oscar-ready starlet.

In this dramatic five-hour transformation, our everyday woman, Stephanie Rose, was taken from ordinary to red-carpet ready. Under the deft hands of Charles Douglas, co-owner of Rouge Makeup Studios in New York City, the transformation began with makeup. Having worked on everyone from Brooke Shields to Rose McGowan, Douglas is no stranger to readying someone for the red carpet. His emphasis is on creating a flawless foundation (which he does first) and then highlighting the face with soft shimmery makeup. He also believes that false eyelashes are a must for any big event, as they enhance the eyes and draw attention to the face. His trick to avoid having eye makeup fall onto the face is by using a "catch": a thin layer of translucent powder under the eyes that can be wiped away after all eye makeup is applied. The cost of a top celebrity makeup artist is approximately $5,000 a day.

After Stephanie's makeup was finished, hair stylist Ryan Nickulas, who stars on LOGO's "A-List" and owns the Ryan Darius Salon in New York City, began the hair transformation by applying Platinum Seamless Extensions. Nickulas swears by this brand of human-hair extensions as they go in quickly, add volume and length, and blend perfectly with natural hair. After cutting and shaping the Platinum Seamless hair extensions, Nickulas began to style the hair using a curling iron to create voluminous red-carpet waves. The cost: $5,500.

The last, and most expensive step in our celebrity transformation was wardrobe and jewelry. Celebrity stylist Christina Ehrlich, who has styled stars like Penelope Cruz and Amy Adams, was on hand to dress and accessorize Stephanie. When it comes to celebrity jewelry, pieces can range from $5,000 to $1 million, and are often accompanied by a slew of security guards.