San Fran "Happy Meal" Ban

Here’s one city that’s going to fall off your kids’ road-trip list.

By an 8 to 3 vote—meaning it cannot be overturned by a mayoral veto—the San Francisco Board of Supervisors today passed the so-called “Happy Meal Ban,” an ordinance banning toy giveaways with anything but the healthiest meals.

That means that if McDonald’s wants to pack those tiny plastic “Ice Age” critters with some foodstuff, these need to:

• Be less than 600 calories, with less than 35 percent of those from fat
• Include at least a half cup of fruit and 2/3 cup of vegetables
• Contain less than 640 mg of sodium
• Absolutely not be accompanied by a soft drink

In theory, this could mean toys and delightful, fresh meals. In practice, it probably just means your will be thinner and healthier—if somewhat bitter, pinched and hangry.