Model Iskra Lawrence posts crying selfie, says Instagram can damage mental health

Model Iskra Lawrence posted a picture of herself in tears, revealing she had suffered an “emotional breakdown.”

The 27-year-old Brit, who previously confessed she had battled body dysmorphia disorder, spoke of her heartbreak on her Instagram page. Wearing a hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap, she had tears in her eyes in the makeup-free picture.

She told her 4.2 million fans in a post that had been liked over 290,000 times that “Instagram can be… damaging for our mental health.”

She said: “It’s still an internal struggle to post absolutely everything.

“I felt like a mess, and felt like I looked a mess and my emotions were shook after something that happened yesterday and a combination of other personal issues that I think lead to this emotional breakdown.”


She continued: “I try and commit to showing you ALL the realness, even though I do feel more comfortable posting the ‘best bits’ which there is nothing wrong with but I’m hoping this post can make at least one person feel better with not being OK.

“I took this pic and wanted to post it because Instagram can be completely unrelatable, overwhelming, triggering and even damaging for our mental health.

“Don’t ever compare your happiness, confidence, body, beauty, relationships, success or life to ANYONE online.

“Many people are struggling with their own issues privately or publicly and no one has to share online or post things they aren’t comfortable with.”

She continued: “To myself I want to be honest, I want to accept myself in all of my emotions and I know it’s OK to cry. I am gentle on myself and practice self-care. I’ve surrounded myself with family, friends and faith so I know I’m supported and loved no matter what and I’m beyond grateful to have that.

“To anyone who has my number please don’t text I’m fine now and will explain when I see you what happened, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to share this with you all when I was upset and not 100% or all smiles like I usually am. P.S. Feel free to post a crying selfie and tag me I know I’m not alone but can’t remember the last time I saw a photo like this on the gram.”

Shortly before uploading the emotional post, Iskra had posted an image of herself on her Twitter page taking the bins out and jokingly captioned it: “Taking my ex for a walk.”

Iskra’s fans were quick to applaud her for posting the barefaced selfie – and also baring her true feelings. They said her message had helped them come to terms with their own issues.


aaryasinghgharyal said: “You are really amazing and beautiful soul..

“I feel so strong after reading your msg. You really have the guts to post this pic.”

devinscanlon66 added: “Thank you for your strength! Strength encourages strength.”

warriorfromponce1 added: “Don’t let anything beat you down u need to always walk tall regardless of what life is hitting you with. Much love and hope.”

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