J. Crew and model respond to criticism over 'wrong' hairstyle

J. Crew is being attacked on Twitter for a photo featuring a black model with "irresponsibly styled" natural hair.

The photo on J. Crew’s website shows a model with a “messy bun” wearing a sweater-dress. Atlanta-based makeup artist Dae Louise took issue with the styling of the model’s hair and tweeted out, “J.Crew…girl…ya’ll wrong,” which has since gone viral with over 10,000 retweets and 400 comments.


The responses have mostly agreed with Louise that the hairstylist simply didn’t understand how to style black hair.

Others, meanwhile, have defended the brand, saying that all of J. Crew’s models are sporting the same “messy” look. Some users even posted photos of other women in J. Crew catalogues with similar hair style.

Even still, those angered by the untidy bun have argued that, just because the white model’s tousled look works, it doesn’t mean the same aesthetic can be achieved on textured hair.

In response, some said that the overconcern with “edging” is a Eurofication of black hair, and that leaving it alone is a better solution.

Since the criticisms have gone viral, both J. Crew and the model represented in the photo have responded.


J. Crew apologized on Twitter, writing, “J.Crew strives to represent every race, gender and background. We sincerely apologize for the styling of this model and the offense that was caused. We assure you that we are taking steps to address it, and to prevent this from happening again.”

While Merihenny, the model in the photo, took a different stance and defended the look.

“Dear all, this attention is flattering :) but the concept of the brand specifically is to show that clothes can be comfortable[,] wearable and naturally beautiful. So the natural hair and makeup fits right in. Also these days it is all about women embracing their natural looks so here it is! We as human beings are never satisfied with what we get [and] we always want more and still complain! Anyways…thank you for the positive comments!”