FNM Exclusive: Gene Simmons' Daughter Sophie Says She Burned Her Father's Favorite Pants

There's no arguing that Gene Simmon knows his way around a pair of spiky boots and some facepaint. But off-stage, the KISS rocker's style could use some help — at least according to his daughter Sophie.

Sophie, a successful fashion designer who just released her Festival Style line, says she and her family "try to help" her dad update his wardrobe by gifting him with new blazers and button-down shirts. On at least one occasion, however, they resorted to burning his outdated attire.

"He had lace-up leather pants forever, until we burned them," she tells FNM in an exclusive interview. "He's just kind of stuck in an age of glam-rock."

She goes on to tell us about the family's more recent struggle to get him into a pair of jeans, which is only finally (and partially) paying off.

Watch the video above to hear more of Sophie's remarks on her father's style, then scroll down for a pic of Gene's sweet (and perhaps only) pair of jeans.