Fitness blogger's viral post stresses focusing on your assets, not your flaws

A blogger has begged her followers to see themselves as others would — rather than just focusing on "flaws."

Louise Aubrey, who posts on Instagram under the moniker @mybetter_self, shared two identical photos of herself wearing a bikini.

She then pointed out what others see — and what she sees.

The results were thought-provoking, with Aubrey's annotations highlighting just how cruel women can be to themselves.

“I am guilty. I am here to always be completely honest, because I feel social medias need more of it," she wrote.

“As much as I preach self love and truly made some progress accepting myself, there is something I really struggle with: pictures," Aubrey continued.

“Whenever I see a picture of me, the first things which catches my eyes are my FLAWS. I always see what is wrong. I really do not look at people’s flaws first when I look at a picture of someone else. On the contrary, I tend to focus on their assets."

She stresses, “We really need to learn not to be so harsh on ourselves. It is not healthy. I am going to work on it, and I hope you will too.”

Aubrey noted that strangers would see her “big smile, long legs and strong butt”, but she saw a “big nose, back fat and cellulite.”

Speaking more about the image to Metro, she explained that there are a lot of reasons why people feel bad about themselves.

She said, “Self-criticism comes from several causes. The society we’ve evolved in overemphasises our physical appearances. The influence of role models, the use of photo editing; it puts a great pressure on our shoulders and nourishes the feeling of not being worthy enough.”

Aubrey, who blogs about fitness and healthy eating, has also demonstrated the difference between good and bad camera angles — and the difference good posture can make.

This article originally appeared on The Sun