'Fat' beauty vlogger body-shamed, snaps back with YouTube video

Beauty vlogger Nabela Noor has had it up to here with body shamers, and she's speaking out against online trolls once and for all.

The popular YouTuber recently released a video simply titled "YES I'M FAT,", in which she addresses the infuriating level of bullying that she's faced on the Internet over the years. In the clip, Noor notes that people are always quick to comment on her looks and her weight when she releases new beauty tutorials, and those comments aren't always friendly.

"I have found that people feel it is their obligation, it is their duty, to let me know that I'm overweight," the vlogger says in frustration. "To let me know that I'm fat. And to remind me that it is so unhealthy for me. It seems I can't even post content without being told or reminded of my body."

Noor's experience is sadly not uncommon. Many women online face unsolicited comments about their looks, but luckily, more social media stars are speaking out against body shaming, like Noor.

She goes on to say that her videos are meant to debunk society's tired idea of what "beauty" means. "I need to challenge the idea that we can't love ourselves," she adds. "Yes, I'm fat, and I'm fashionable. Yes I'm fat, and I love makeup, and I do a great job applying makeup."

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Noor makes excellent points. Someone's size doesn't have any impact on their worth, and beauty isn't measured by the shape of our bodies. (And if you haven't watched her makeup tutorials yet, you're in for a treat — the girl can work some serious cosmetic magic.)

It's clear that Noor isn't going to let her haters get her down. "You are being so destructive with your words, not realizing what someone's building for their lives," she says towards the end of her video. "I will not reserve my happiness for a later date or a later weight." Hell yes — we totally applaud this sentiment, and we need more people like Noor to speak out and shut down the trolls.

This article originally appeared in Allure