Dos Equis unveils new 'Most Interesting Man in the World,' and he speaks Spanish

This week Mexican beer label Dos Equis unveiled its new – and, they hope, improved – “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign, and this guy actually speaks Spanish.

Actor Augustin Legrand will take over, bringing a new twist with an even more adventurous (and younger) look to the character. Legrand, 41, was born in France and speaks English, French and Spanish.

New Yorker Jonathan Goldsmith, 77, carried the mantle prior to Legrand but was put out to pasture in March. Although many were convinced Goldsmith was Mexican, he told Fox News Latino in March that he picked up his accent from his friend, the actor Fernando Lamas.

In a teaser titled “Cantina” that debuted Wednesday, Dos Equis – which is owned by Dutch giant, Heineken – introduces the reboot of the iconic campaign, and, in an interesting turn, the dialogue is entirely in Spanish.

Somewhere south of the border, the new Most Interesting Man stands at a dusty bar while an ad featuring the former Most Interesting Man plays on a static-filled television.

"Think there will ever be a guy as interesting as him?" the long-haired bartender asks.

Legrand tilts his head with a grin on his face and says in accented Spanish, "Hard to say," before a beautiful young woman sidles up next to him.

In France, Legrand studied tax law and later acting. He is best known in Europe for roles in the films “Anna” and  “Les Loups,” as well as a French television series, “Odysseus.”

Legrand will be more action hero than everyday cool guy, according to the brand.

"He's more resourceful," Nuno Teles, chief marketing officer for Heineken USA, told USA Today. “(Our customers) were just ready to see the 'Most Interesting Man' in more challenging situations, in more contemporary situations."

“We’re trying to reach a new audience,” Andrew Katz, vice president of marketing for Dos Equis, told USA Today. “The reality of the drinker base is, it’s much more multicultural than ever. And Spanish-dominant consumers are increasingly important.”

The Latino population hit an all-time high in 2014 and is expected to double to nearly 106 million by 2050, according to government projections. At the same time, sales of imported beer – and particularly Mexican beers –have been on a steep rise.

Sales of Mexican imported beer so far in 2016 shot up 13.6 percent compared to the same time last year, according to figures from market research firm IRI.

With all the new competition, Dos Equis, in addition to changing the “Most Interesting Man,” will launch its first-ever Snapchat campaign and has become an official sponsor for the College Football Playoff.

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