Decembeards: The Festive Facial-Hair Trend That's Sweeping the Season

There's a good reason your bearded friends keep tweeting pictures with Christmas ornaments hanging from their faces, and it's not just because they need a stupid excuse to post more selfies. (Though that's definitely part of the reason.)

Now that we're official into December, scruffy dudes from all walks of life are celebrating the season with decorative Decembeards to raise money for the fight against bowel cancer. First organized by the UK organization Beating Bowel Cancer in 2011, this fundraiser requires furry-faced men to refrain from shaving for the entire month, while their sponsors donate to the cause for each day they remain bushy. And naturally, this festive fad has become quite popular among folically-gifted guys on social media, many of whom are taking the concept of Decembeards to hairy new heights.

So the next time you see one of the following types of festive beards in your Instagram feed, share your support. After all, it's for a good cause. (Mostly.)