8 Ingenious Tricks for Saving Space in Your Overstuffed Suitcase

No matter how lightly we pack, there's never enough room in our bags for everything we want to bring — not to mention all the stuff we plan on smuggling back with us!

Thankfully, the experts at Expedia CA know just how we feel, so they're alleviating our suitcase-induced stresses with eight of their best tips for packing smarter, simpler, and more efficiently. The end result? More space for all the exotic turtles, bootlegged DVDs and foreign medications we'll be bringing home from our voyages.

And to think, all we have to do is master a few simple techniques like "clown car" packing, "front-to-back" folding, and the "military-style" roll! (Although frankly, we'd prefer to keep the military out of our suitcases, if you catch our drift.)

Keep reading for Expedia CA's packing hacks below: