8 Editing Tricks to Master Before Posting Vacation Photos Online

For the most part, we take vacation photos to remember our family trips and far-off travels. But let's not pretend we don't save some of those photos for Instagram and Flickr, solely for the purposes of making our friends at home jealous.

If that's the case (and c'mon, it is), then you'd better know how to edit those photos in a way that yields maximum jealousy from the folks back home. And we're not just talking about adding filters or making pretty collages, either — we're talking about cropping, framing and highlighting those photos so they'll get as many "likes" as possible.

The following infographic from Wimdu (basically Europe's answer to Airbnb) lays out all the programs you'll need to start editing your snapshots like a pro, along with some pointers for making the most of your portraits and landscapes.

Keep reading to discover their tricks for crafting flawless vacation photos, and, in turn, making your friends' vacations look like trips to the local dump by comparison: