5 Winter Styling Tricks That Will Make Your Legs Look Longer

Sadly, we weren’t all born with legs like a supermodel. For many of us, dreams of strutting our long limbs down the Victoria’s Secret runway, or more simply, wearing new jeans without first having the length altered, expired long, long ago.

We hear you, shorty.

Fortunately, fashion can fix that with outfits that will instantly make your stems appear longer, slimmer, and sexier all winter long — no gym membership required.

#1. Nude shoes are your best friend.

It should come as no surprise that the style of shoe you wear can have a big impact on lengthening your legs. A simple way to get those gams looking great is by picking a simple nude pump. Easy.

#2. Pull on pointy-toe boots.

Send your square and round-toe shoes packing. Those shapes do nothing for short legs, so stick to slick, pointy boots for a more flattering winter style.

#3. Pick a color and stick with it.

It’s no secret that head-to-toe black will make you look slimmer and taller. But a trick you might not be as familiar with is that this idea really applies to just about any shade, particularly darker colors. This simple layering trick will make getting dressed on a brisk December morning an absolute no-brainer, which means more time sleeping. Win-win.

#4. Wear wide-leg pants.

We understand wide-leg pants can seem daunting, but we suggest getting over your fear, and pronto. We suggest taking them to the tailor so they fit just right (you want the hem length to graze the top of your foot) and be sure to always pair them with heels.

#5. Match your shoes and your pants.

Pulling on those black jeans today? Do yourself a favor and get maximum impact for minimal effort by pairing those dark denim threads with boots in the same shade. That strategic use of color will create a longer, leaner line through the body — also known as a one-way ticket to Gisele legs.