21 Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness on Planes, Boats or Car Rides

Do you often vomit on flights, car rides or boating trips? If so, you should probably stop doing that. It's gross.

OK, maybe that was a little harsh. According to recent estimates, motion sickness is actually quite common. In fact, around a third of the general population suffers from carsickness, seasickness or airsickness at some point during their travels.

In other words, you're not alone in your nausea. And better yet, you can do something about it.

The editors of the online scuba site Dive.In have scoured the net for 21 queasiness-calming ideas that actually work for people, along with suggestions for what to eat, where to sit, and how to soothe yourself. Not every method is guaranteed, but each one is definitely worth trying, if only for the sake of the other passengers in your "splash zone."

Check out the advice below, then, seriously, stop hurling all over the place. It's still very gross: