12 Strange Hangover Remedies From Around the World

After a night of heavy drinking, who among us hasn't woken up with a pounding headache, or eyes that don't work, or a mouth like sandpaper, or a mysterious person making breakfast in the kitchen?

Heck, we've all been there. No reason to feel ashamed!

The real problem is what to do about this hangover once it's in full effect. Sure, you could trudge through the day like a zombie, cursing yourself for not taking the proper steps to avoid a hangover altogether (e.g. drinking lots of water or the night before), but why put yourself through the trouble, especially when there's a whole host of hangover remedies at your disposal?

The following infographic, commissioned by CheapFlights.co.uk and made by NeoMam Studios, details a dozen (alleged) hangover remedies from around the globe. Here, you'll find their ingredients, countries of origin, and even a few factoids about how effective they are, all in a large colorful graphic that's sure to make you even queasier if you're already sick to your stomach.

Check out all 12 remedies below, then pray to everything holy that the strange man in your kitchen is preparing one of the following hangover cures: