10 Healthy Life Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Ladies, you don’t need us to tell you that finding the motivation to always eat clean and regularly hit the gym is hard work.

While we’re not advocating always talking the easy route, there are times when health-related life hacks come in handy. You know, small tips and tricks that don’t require much effort but make staying healthy and fit a breeze, and can make your life better, more balanced, and possibly even longer.

Here, we’ve gathered 10 genius healthy life hacks to help keep you looking — and feeling — amazing without that much commitment.

#1. Cover a blister with duct tape.

When you feel the symptoms of an impending blister, apply duct tape over the irritated spot as smoothly as possible, taking care to avoid creases. It cushions the blister and won’t peel off — lots of walkers and runners swear by this method when Band-Aids aren’t cutting it.

#2. Portion out your not-so-healthy treats.

In the mood for chips, pretzels, gummi bears, or M&Ms? Portion a large bag into baggies so you don’t eat more than the serving size when you want a sweet or salty snack. (And keep one baggie in your desk drawer at work to combat the occasional 4 p.m. craving.)

#3.  Add weight while blow drying.

A life hack every girl can try: Add wrist weights to your arms before you start blow drying your hair, or using other hot tools. Depending on your hair length and thickness, it could take over 20 minutes to completely dry. By adding weight on your arms, you’ll be challenging your muscles as you style with your (probably heavy) dryer and a hairbrush!

#4. Swear to heal pain.

Letting expletives fly isn’t just a way to cope with pain, it could reduce it. Researchers found that study subjects who were allowed to curse and swear had a higher pain tolerance, less perceived pain, and lower heart rate. Best life hack ever.

#5. Make your playlists as long as each workout.

Do this, and you won’t be glancing at the time the whole way through. You stop when the music stops.

#6. Bring the dog!

If you’re looking for extra workout motivation, bring your dog with you for an outdoor walk or run. Pups need exercise too!

#7. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon (and cayenne pepper, if you dare) first thing every morning.

This morning drink gets your organs going, and fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper both have major anti-fungal, immune boosting and detoxification properties. Plus, lemon juice is nature’s best tool for aiding in digestion and regularity, destroying bacteria and cleansing the system. Basically, this is the zero-sugar version of the spicy lemon drinks you can buy from various cleanse brands.

#8. Deskcersize

Sitting all day can be a real detriment to your health, so it pays to sneak in some exercise at work. Here’s how to strengthen your abs and relieve tired leg muscles without getting up from your desk: Start with feet flat on floor, sit tall at your desk, and hold ab muscles tight. From there, extend one leg until it is level with your hip. Hold for 10 seconds lower leg slowly, and repeat 15 times before changing legs.

#9. Can’t sleep? Blame your cell phone.

According to the Daily Mail, staring at your mobile’s screen at bedtime causes people to take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them. Bad news, as deep sleep is essential for your body to rejuvenate cells and repair damage suffered during the day. Seriously, Instagram can wait until morning.

#10. Graffiti a water bottle.

To ensure you’re drinking water all day, use a Sharpie to mark up a water bottle with one-hour intervals. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to check out!