How to Quit Smoking – With Food

Quitting smoking tops the New Year’s resolution list every year.

And most people try patches, gum, prescription medicine or even apps to help them kick the habit.

But, believe it or not, changing your diet can help, too.

“There’s a Duke University study (that) shows certain foods like dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and water can worsen the taste of cigarettes,” said registered dietitian and nutritionist Patricia Bannan, based in Los Angeles.

Including foods like cheese, milk and yogurt into your diet may make it easier to stop smoking.

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Mangoes also help, because smoking depletes your body of vitamin C, and this fruit will help replenish it.

The study tested 209 smokers and found that some foods actually make cigarettes taste better, too.

“Foods you want to avoid when you are trying to quit smoking are things like meat, alcohol and caffeinated beverages, like coffee, because they can enhance the taste of cigarettes,” Bannan said.

As Bannan likes to say, it can take 21 days to make a habit – so give yourself time, even if you are finding it difficult to quit.

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