Florida baby gets second chance at life after doctors remove tumor

Abigail Jones’ parents have been preparing for their daughter’s death since she was 30 weeks old in the womb. When Erika Jones, Abigail’s mother, was pregnant, doctors told her that baby Abigail would be born with a brain tumor that would probably lead to her death, PIX 11 reported. But after seeking a second opinion from other doctors, Erika and her husband, Stephen Jones, have a restored sense of hope.

As a newborn, Abigail seemed perfectly healthy except for a diagnosis of Down syndrome, the Joneses told pix11.com.

“She was thriving,” Erika Jones told the news station. “She was certainly not in any way, shape or form dying.”

Skeptical of their doctors’ diagnosis, the Florida couple traveled to Boston Children's Hospital, where neurosurgeon-in-chief Alan Cohen evaluated the little girl. He ended up operating on Abigail and removing the tumor, which he said was benign.

"When Dr. Cohen came out of surgery saying we got it all, and we're pretty, pretty, pretty sure that it’s not malignant, it's not cancer, it was almost like she was born again,” Erika Jones told the news station. “She had a life now.”

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Today, Erika and Stephen say their little girl, who is 2 months old, has a second chance at life.

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