Would you eat a burger made from flies?

While some Americans are just beginning to stomach the idea of bugs as a source of protein, in some countries the sheer abundance of critters may make bugs the easiest fast food around.

Lake Victoria in Eastern Africa is plagued with trillions of midge flies during the rainy season. The swarms are so large and intense, they can reportedly suffocate someone who crosses into their path unawares, reports the Daily Star.

But apparently, if consumed properly, midge flies can become a protein-packed patty with seven times the nutritional content of a traditional beef burger.

Lake Victoria borders several countries including Kenya and Tanzania. A video from 2010, shows how locals who live near the lake are able to capture swarms of midge flies using wet pots and pans. They bugs are then mashed together in small patties and cooked in a skillet over an open flame.

But would you be able to eat a burger made from flies?

Reddit user gaz7527 claims to have tasted fly burgers over two years ago and while he or she admits the bugs are incredibly annoying during the high season, the resulting food can only be characterized as underwhelming.

“I actually ate these in Mozambique when I worked on a farm - they were pretty much tasteless.”

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