Will Doritos new 3D chips be a mega hit like Locos Tacos?

Can the world ever have too many Doritos?

Frito-Lay has unleashed a barrage of cheesy and spicy crusted snacks over the years-- from the ever popular Taco Bell Locos Tacos to the cheese-filled nachos released by 7-Eleven that instantly became a viral hit.

Now the snacking giant is back with updated version of their 3D product. Originally released in the mid 1990s, Doritos 3D were bite-sized triangle puffs filled with air. Though they were pulled from the shelves in the early 2000s, fans everywhere have been calling for Frito-Lay to bring them back.

Now their prayers have been answered-- sort of. The newest 3D Doritos chip is part of their jacked flavor line. Its first flavor is a spicy Jalapeno Pepper Jack and soon to be followed by Bacon Cheddar Ranch this summer.

So how do these new 3D chips compare to the previous version?

Though we've never seen a "chip" quite like this, we weren't really fans of the oddly shaped triangular snacks that have mini cut out shapes, similar to a maze. It felt weird in our mouths and gave the snack almost too loud a crunch at first bite.

But we have to admit Doritos has done it once again with a very addictive flavor profile. Most of us couldn't resist going in for seconds and thirds-- it's faintly spicy with a vague cheesy flavor. Does it taste like pepper jack cheese? Not really, but we're not complaining.

Unlike classic the Nacho Doritos, this product doesn't leave a fine dust all over your fingers and clothes, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your snacking preferences.