Why you should never order the daily special in a restaurant

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It can be hard to decide what to choose from a menu when you dine in a restaurant.

But some chefs and waiters have lifted the lid on what really goes on in the kitchens, and highlighted dishes you should always avoid.

The discussion took place on Reddit, with anonymous users relaying their own – sometimes gag-worthy – accounts.

One of the tips was to think twice before ordering the “special of the day.”

Several commenters claimed that kitchens often make this using the oldest ingredients in their supplies to use them up.

User Holdmeclserponydanza said: “Soups, specials (when a product is about to go bad and not daily specials like half off pizza Tuesday).”

Others warned of soups, saying these are often make up of leftovers too.

PounderMcNasty revealed: “Soup of the day. It’s just yesterday’s leftovers.”

Meanwhile another user said: “Soup if it is late. That soup has been sitting on the warmer all day.”

One of the other points of advice was to avoid ordering salad from the menu.

Reddit user Just_A_cho_Away said: “Ex waiter here, never eat the salad! Particularly the small side of salad that comes with some dishes.

“That s–t has almost certainly never been washed and is at least a week old.”

Another had a slightly different reason for avoiding salad.

They explained: “I don’t dare touch salads. I’ve seen far too many waiters just shove their ungloved hands on the bins and no one washes their hands enough for that to be ok.”

Sushi also came under fire and was warned against.

User Chriiistopher said: “Depends on the restaurant naturally but any sushi special should be avoided. Orders for the weekend come in on Thursday, anything left over is ‘oh wow they do half price sushi on Monday.’”

Hollandaise sauce was also mentioned in the tell-all thread, with one warning against it being the top rated comment on the thread.

Afghan_Moses wrote: “I don’t trust hollandaise sauce to not from a Jacuzzi of aged bacterial growth.”

The topic of conversation proved all too much for one reader, who wrote: “After reading this thread I think I will never go to a restaurant again.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun.