What does 200 calories look like?

If you’ve ever set weight-loss goals for yourself, you know that portion control is a huge factor in maintaining a healthy diet.

But sometimes it's hard to visualize three ounces of chicken or one cup of rice.

That's why Tim Diacon and Nic Mulvaney developed Calorific, an app that shows how much of a certain food a person would eat to equal 200 calories.

“Numbers are great to compare one thing to another but they are not very tangible in their own right,” said Diacon. “We thought it was really interesting to actually visualize what 200 calories looks like.”

For example, that blueberry muffin--200 calories would be about a half of muffin. Tomatoes?  That's a heaping plate full.

Calorific tackles all your favorite foods.

In order to calculate the 200 calories, Mulvaney and Diacon used a combination of the information on the food labels and a few online resources to get the full scoop.

Check out our slideshow to see what some of your favorite food items look like in 200 calorie portions, or download Calorific for free to get the full experience for yourself.