The ultimate gift guide for booze lovers

If you have a booze lover on your holiday shopping list, a simple bottle of red wine or run-of-the-mill whiskey probably won't suffice.

In the hopes of coming up with something a little bit, well, better, Fox News met up with Pamela Wiznitzer, the creative director and bartender at Seamstress Bar in New York City. She's an expert when it comes to seasonal spirits, so there was no one better to ask about picking the perfect present for the booze lover in your life.

The Beer Lover

Sam Adams Utopias is a unique brew that you won’t find on tap at your local watering hole. “It’s fantastic beer that uses small batches mixed with vintages from 1992, and the kicker is that it's served at room temperature,” says Wiznitzer. The $199 beer — yes, $199 — is meant to be sipped slowly too, so it pairs well with Sam Adams' new line of cigars. “[Sam Adams] did a collaboration with Ted cigars to create three different types of cigars all infused with Sam Adams ales," Wiznitzer says.

The Cocktail Connoisseur

Do you have a friend who likes to mix up special concoctions? Wiznitzer suggest NOLET'S Silver Dry Gin ($49.99), shipped straight from Holland. “It’s a phenomenal gin with great botanicals such as peach rose and raspberry. It’s perfect ina gin and tonic, or even in a seasonal Tom Collins,” she adds.

The Wino

“Home entertaining can be expensive and stressful,” says Wiznitzer, so what better way to help out the host than with a pre-bottled sangria like Riunite ($9.99). While Sangria is typically a summertime sipper, Wiznitzer says it makes a great mulled wine, too. “Get yourself a crock pot, throw in the sangria, some spices and some fruit, let it sit, and you have yourself a perfect mulled wine for those cold holiday nights.”

Check out the rest of Wiznitzer’s suggestions in the video above, including her favorite picks for the tequila drinker and Scotch sipper in your life.