The 'turducken' of cakes-- the Pumcapple Piecake

If you’re getting stressed about what to feed the family for your next holiday feast, consider investing in a multi-layered dessert that’s guaranteed to have something for everyone.

The Pumpecapple Piecake is the turducken—a chicken stuffed into a duck, crammed into a turkey—of desserts. Three Brothers Bakery, the Texas company behind the almost-foot-tall confection, makes each custom cake layer and pie from scratch. The pies are enveloped in a cake meant to complement their flavor. And the cake batter is denser to support its surprising pie filled interior.

The top layer is a pumpkin pie enveloped by a pumpkin spiced cake. The middle layer is a pecan pie within chocolate cake, and finally a traditional lattice-top apple pie is baked right into a spice cake.

Each layer is frozen before construction to ensure a stabilized base. Once assembled, the cake gets an all-over coat of cream cheese frosting, following by a rich caramel drizzle and crushed pecan garnish.

Three Brothers is a family run business that has been turning out custom cakes for over 65 years. All their products are kosher.

The Pumecapple Piecake comes in at a massive 23 pounds. For just $175 this layered behemoth can be yours and if you’re looking for something minute, Three Brothers can ship your cake overnight.