'Poo cake' sent to bride-to-be shocks party guests

A cake maker is feeling the heat after sending an allegedly difficult client a cake made to look like a pile of feces with a card that read: "Eat s..t."

(We can't show the cringe-worthy cake pic here, but check it out here.)

Emma McDonald, owner of the New Zealand-based Oh Cakes, claims she got into a disagreement with bride-to-be Micaela Harris' sister after she failed to give her details for a cake she ordered for an engagement party, according to Stuff.co.nz.

McDonald said on Facebook that when she asked her client, via text, what sort of cake she wanted, the sister's bride responded, "like choc cake."

McDonald alleges that along with receiving little instruction on her cake, her client missed meetings to talk about the cake.

Micaela Harris told Stuff.co.nz that on the day of her engagement party the cake arrived  in "magnificent wrapping," but was that she was soon embarrassed and upset when she opened it in front of her 100 or so guests. Harris said the crude gesture even upset family members.  “It was a weird situation. At the time my sister didn’t even know what was going on,’ Harris told Stuff.co.nz. “I think it [the disagreement] was taken too far.”

Initially, McDonald seemed unrepentant about the move, taking to Facebook to rant about the incident:

She wrote: "Your (sic) left with a $30 voucher and you want a cake still?? ok cool - give me some ideas?? oh wait you have none apart from wanting chocolate. I have a brilliant idea for your cake!!! - so here it is, your turd cake! Hope you learn your lesson."

According to Stuff.co.nz, her page received posts immediately from shocked users, but McDonald has since deleted many of the comments.

A member of Harris’ family sent a text McDonald saying they were disgusted by the prank. The message was later posted on Facebook: "It was wrapped up in a box, so it was done deliberately as a nasty surprise. It was a disgraceful thing to do," it read.

McDonald was later quoted in the New Zealand The Southland Times paper saying she didn't regret her decision to send the cake.

"I feel she got what she deserved," she said. "I don't make cakes as a business. It is just a hobby and I'm taking it all with good humour."