Oreo Churros: the chocolaty mashup made for theme parks

The makers of Oreo cookies are hitting a theme park near you with a chocolaty mashup.

Behold the Oreo Churros, which combine the taste of those crème-stuffed chocolate cookies with the warm, cake-like texture of a Spanish donut. With so many crazy Oreo flavor combos, what's one more?

Mondelez International—the company that now owns Nabisco—has teamed up with J &J Snacks Foods (the food purveyors behind ICEEs and giant soft pretzels) to create the new snack. The churros come in three varieties: The two-inch churro bites for those on the go, the 10-inch sticks or 7-inch double twisted sticks. All come rolled in sugar with an icing dip that is the actual crème used to stuff the cookies.

The churros, which made their debut at the National Association of Convenience Stores food show in Las Vegas, will soon be available at theme parks, convenience stores and movie theaters around the country.

We had to test out this snack food before it hit shelves.

First bite tastes like a warm Oreo cookie with a crispy exterior and soft interior. The churros have real Oreo cookie pieces in the dough so there is an intense chocolate flavor in every bite but the Churro itself isn’t overly sugary. The crème dip on the other hand is pretty sweet so we recommend going easy.

Bottom line, these treats are a winner-- if you like Oreos, you'll love them in churro form.