McDonald’s testing waffle fries in Canada, Americans vow to move north

America’s favorite french fry has a new look in Canada.

Just in time for the holidays, McDonald’s is now serving waffle fries at most of its Canadian locations. The new Canadian holiday menu also includes a salted caramel latte, a potato rosti, a turtle ice cream sundae with pecans and a beef burger made with a hash brown patty and bacon pieces.

But the waffle fries are taking off with many early tasters praising the new item.

And plenty of people are hoping the chain will bring the cool cut fries to America.

So will McDonald’s be bringing its waffle fries to the U.S. to compete with Chick-fil-A’s famous fries? A spokesman for the chain wouldn’t confirm whether the new fries would be making the journey south.

The addition of waffle fries comes as the chain trials several regional fried food items in the U.S., including Gilroy garlic fries in the San Francisco Bay Area and fried cheese curds in Wisconsin.