McDonald’s will end its “Dollar Menu” later this year and rename it “Dollar Menu & More,” which will feature items that cost more than a buck, the fast-food chain said.

The “More” menu will take the place of Mickey D’s ill-fated “Extra Value Menu.” The company hopes to leverage the popularity of its “Dollar Menu” to more expensive items.

The “Dollar Menu” now includes sandwiches like the “McDouble” and “McChicken.” The “More” menu could include 20-piece “McNuggets” and deluxe sandwiches.

“We didn’t deliver on simplicity and clarity” in selling the “Extra Value Menu,” said Neil Golden, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s officials didn’t give a date for the new menu’s rollout, but said it should be in place nationally by year’s end.

The fast-food chain has already test marketed its “More” menu in several cities.