Ice cream lover Joe Biden to get his very own flavor

Former vice president Joe Biden is about to get a pretty sweet tribute from Cornell University.

The self-proclaimed ice cream enthusiast is set to have a new flavor of ice cream named just for him.

Biden, who was selected to speak at the prestigious university’s commencement ceremony on May 27, has made his love for the cold, creamy treat well known over years, declaring in 2016, “ I eat more ice cream than three other people you'd like to be with, all at once.”


According to The Cornell Daily Sun, when Molly Mandel, a soon-to-be graduate and former Cornell Dairy intern, learned that the former vice president would be speaking at her graduation, she alerted Deanna Simons, the quality manager and academic programs coordinator at Cornell Dairy about collaborating on a flavor.

But given how often Biden appears with ice cream, Mandel wasn’t even sure how to begin the process.

"There's these pictures of him eating all kinds of ice cream," she told the Cornell Daily Sun. She added, "I didn't even know how to figure out what his favorite ice cream is."

Simons decided to call UDairy Creamery—an ice cream shop near Biden’s undergraduate alma mater, the University of Delaware—to find out more. She was told that the vice president loved vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips so Cornell’s signature treat will be a take on the classic ice cream combination.


But what should it actually be called?

Cornell students were asked to suggest a name for the new ice cream flavor. According to The Daily Sun, the Convocation Committee and Cornell Dairy received 150 submissions. Now, it’s down to five: Biden's Chocolate Bites, Bits n' Biden, Big Red, White and Biden, Not Your Average Joe's Chocolate Chip, and Uncle Joe's Chocolate Chip.

The school community will be allowed to vote on a name up until Monday, May 22. The moniker of Biden's signature flavor will finally be revealed during his commencement address.