Hooters will give you free wings on Valentine's Day if you shred a picture of your ex

Hooters restaurant is helping single people celebrate Valentine’s Day right. The restaurant, known for their chicken and formerly for their scantily clad employees, is offering the opportunity once again to shred a picture of your terrible, horrible, no good ex-significant other — and receive a free plate of wings.

The procedure is pretty simple: Arrive at Hooters on Valentine’s Day with an appetite for chicken and a photo of an ex. Order a plate of 10 boneless wings and destroy your photo by ripping it, putting it through a shredder or even having your waitress destroy it. Hooters will then gift you 10 extra free boneless wings.

The catch? The offer is only valid on Valentine’s Day, you can only order boneless wings, and no matter how many photos of exes you have that you may still want to rip up into tiny little pieces in the name of free chicken, the offer is only valid for one order per person.

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Can’t bring yourself to eat alone in a Hooters on Valentine’s Day? You can also destroy that pesky photo of your ex on the Hooters website, print a coupon, order wings to go, pick them up and run home to chow down while watching the entire second season of "Friends" and polishing off a bottle of white wine blissfully alone.