Girlfriend makes horrifying cake for boyfriend’s birthday

We’ve seen our fair share of weird cakes.

There was the severed head wedding cake and the "Poo Cake," but this latest creation may take the cake of cakes.

When San Francisco-based artist Vicky Knoop decided she wanted to design a special cake for her boyfriend’s birthday, she knew she wanted it to be terrifying.

She eventually went with fashioning his cake after the character Split-Face from the 1982 science fiction film “The Thing,” directed by academy award-winning screenwriter John Carpenter.

The result was something almost too realistic and repulsive-looking to eat.

Using Rice Crispy treats as a base with painted fondant on top, Knoop worked for two days to complete the cake. She cataloged her efforts in a step-by-step instruction manual on her blog, detailing exactly how she created such a disturbing masterpiece.

As for the response, Knoop said the cake was a hit – minus causing a bit of nausea with the guests.

“Since I used the Rice Crispy for the sculpture foundation, there was a bit of sawing and a rigid crunch when we cut into it,” Knoop wrote in an email to “One friend mentioned she was a bit queasy for that part. But after that, people said that the cake was super delicious, so in the end, it's really just a dessert.”

For Knoop, the cake offered a kind of praise she could have never prepared for.

“I got a note from John Carpenter's wife, Sandy King Carpenter,” Knoop wrote. “He'd seen the cake and loved it, which is pretty much the highest compliment I could have received.”

Would you dig into a cake like this?