If your waiter is looking at you funny for asking “an unusual amount of questions" and "observing the dining room very closely," it’s because he thinks you’re a food writer.

In a Monday tweet, Chicago Tribune food reporter Kevin Pang shared a photo taken of a memo that was hanging inside the kitchen of "a prominent Chicago restaurant." The memo listed "how to identify food critics, media and bloggers" to its staff.

The one-page sheet offered instructions to staff for when they noticed an inquisitive and observant patron, especially those dining alone.

If a diner is identified as a food writer, the staff is encouraged to "remain calm and composed," refrain from telling the critic that they are aware the person is from the media and alert a manager at once.

The end of the memo features an outdated list of some of the city's prominent food critics and writers.

Unfortunately, Pang was missing from the watch list.