Debate rages over how a baguette would move, if it could somehow move, thanks to Twitter

Oh come on, it’s clearly No. 3.

A man in the U.K. is now responsible for one of the silliest Internet discussions since this viral dress debate, or the time this photo stumped the Internet.

On Thursday, an animator named Dave from Bristol, England, asked the Twitterverse how a baguette would move – if it suddenly became mobile, and therefore, terrifying – along with four animated examples of bread “worm”-ing, galloping, rotating and “caterpillar”-ing across a digital landscape:

This tweet has since been retweeted more than 67,000 times, and the video clip watched over 6.2 million times. Those are facts.

In addition to his poll, Dave also asked respondents to “give your reasoning pls,” prompting Twitter users to share their most convincing arguments for, or against, one of the baguette’s modes of forward locomotion.


Dave’s accompanying poll determined that the majority of viewers believed the sentient baguette would “rotate” over and over on itself (No. 3), followed next by the those who believed it would “worm” (No.1) and “caterpillar” (No. 4).

The “gallop,” however, was the least favorite of the options, likely because it's clearly not possible for baguettes to trot that gracefully. Obviously.