A British father of two decided to celebrate the season a little differently this year by creating an Easter egg from bacon.

According to UPI, 47-year-old Mike Gurman came up with the idea while listening to his colleagues talk about giving up chocolate for Lent and he started considering alternatives.

"The Internet has an obsession with bacon and in my brain I wondered if someone had already made an Easter egg out of bacon,” Gurman told the Daily Star. "I couldn't really find anything that was anyway similar to what I had in mind."

Gurman crafted the egg by weaving 24 pieces of bacon together into an egg-like shape and then cooking them.

"The egg conceals a couple of nice Cumberland sausages and some fried slices of black pudding,” Gurman wrote on his blog. “Also on the plate; fried tomato, mushroom, potato slices, fried bread, baked beans and a fried egg (cooked to perfection with a liquid yolk) – and a nice mug of tea on the side."

He said that he only managed to get through half of it in one sitting and saved the rest for later.