Butter-lover Paula Deen reveals secret for cutting fat from fried foods

Paula Deen is best known for her buttery baked goods and deep-fried fare but the former Food Network star has lightened up her repertoire in recent years.

Her latest cookbook, “Paula Deen Cuts the Fat,” features 250 recipes inspired by her Southern classics that cut a lot of fat, sugar and calories with simple ingredient swaps.

Now that Deen is slinging branded swag on Evine shopping network, she’s got a few new tricks up her sleeve for people who want to eat healthier but still enjoy the taste and texture of fried foods.

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Her nonstick air fryer went on sale earlier this year and has a 4.6 star rating online.

“My youngest son Bobby eats so clean and so healthy,” Deen told Fox & Friends, “and I was telling him, Bobby, ‘My new air fryer is gonna change your life!’ and he looked at me like ‘Right Mama.’”

But now Deen says her son, who still has his own show on the Cooking Channel, has become a true believer and cooks with it all the time.

Instead of using hot grease, air fryers use hot air to create a crunchy, crispy exterior texture on food without the added fat from cooking oil.

Paula Deen’s new lifestyle show “Sweet Home Savannah” debuts Nov. 15 on Evine.