You’re going to have a very happy holiday season, if Burger King has anything to say about it.

In the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve, the fast food chain is launching the 12 Days of Cheesemas promotion, and some of the items they’re giving away aren’t exactly small fry.

According to a press release, Burger King will be giving away everything from a year’s worth of free chicken fries to a trip to Bermuda to a Jeep SUV, a $500 airline voucher, a 43-inch TV, an HP Chromebook and more. Even if you don't win one of those golden items, there are 23,000 chances to win onion rings, medium fries, chicken nuggets or a Whopper for a penny.

The grand prize, however, is better than a shiny gold Burger King crown. On December 24, Burger King will be giving one lucky Whopper lover $30,000. Each purchase made through the chain's mobile app during the 12 Days of Cheesemas will automatically enter the customer into the grand prize drawing for $30,000.

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So how can you get free burgers and a ton of cash? It’s shockingly simple. All you need to do is download the BK app, create an account, make a mobile purchase and then you’ll be entered to win a prize! That’s easier than getting a Whopper for just one cent.

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