Bulletproof coffee creator to open a string of cafes

The creator behind a fad that has coffee lovers adding pads of butter in their coffee is taking his idea mainstream.

Dave Asprey, CEO and founder of Bulletproof, just got a $9 million injection from venture capitalists to expand his idea into a line of cafés and health products, including coffee beans, proteins, supplements, and even a diet book, Business Insider reports. There’s also a new product called FATwater for hydration that contains XCT oil, a patented oil similar to the chemical makeup of coconut oil that Asprey claims helps the body absorb water.

Asprey says that FATwater has healthy fats that allow for better hydration.

Asprey says that FATwater has healthy fats that allow for better hydration. (Bulletproof)

The first café will open in Santa Monica and will serve the trademark Bulletproof coffee in addition to other supplements or "stacks" people can add to give the coffee a boost.

Asprey has previously been selling his products mainly online.

Bulletproof coffee is low-toxic coffee with added “healthy” fats, such as grass-fed butter and MCT that fans say can keep energy levels up for hours.  Click here to see how it tastes.

"The goal is not to be the next Starbucks. The goal is to take this idea of biohacking and bring it to people in a way that they can feel it and bring it into their daily habits. It's basically an upgrade to what you do in the morning," Asprey told Business Insider.

Bulletproof is part of a growing biohacking food trend in Silicon Valley where people experiment with chemical and ingredient combinations in food that they believe result in increased mental clarity, energy and other benefits.

Other examples include groups that eschew animal proteins but are trying to make vegan cheese, or companies like Juice Generation that are taking juice and adding activated charcoal, an absorbent material which some people promotes healthy skin, better breath and improved digestion.

Asprey's investment partners say they want Bulletproof to become the Starbucks of the mind and body.

"Similarly, Bulletproof is about changing the inside world of your mind and body. We want to make that heightened state of mindfulness and performance accessible to millions of consumers," said Trinity venture capitalist Gus Tai.

And if you’re confused about Bulletproof coffee, don’t worry.  Asprey says a "black hat coffee hacker" will be on hand to help customers choose their coffee and coach them about the Bulletproof philosophy.