Broccoli lattes exist, and they're exactly what they sound like

Eating your vegetables is important, and not enough of us do it. That’s why when you don’t have time, you can at least choke down a green juice, or Postmates yourself some Sweetgreen for dinner. But now it’s going to be even easier to get your fix of greens thanks to an Australian innovation involving your morning cup of a coffee and fiber-filled broccoli.

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There are some pretty weird coffee trends out there, but this one is definitely one of the weirder ideas we’ve heard in a while. Vogue Australia reports that CSIRO, an Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research, and Hort Innovations, an Australian horticultural group, have created a powdered broccoli product that one Melbourne café is turning into broccoli lattes, or “broccolattes.”

Common Folk Coffee Company has been cranking out these weird green and brown broccoli-infused java drinks to what CSIRO is calling “mixed reviews.”

The group posted a video of someone trying to post a healthy-looking latte to their Twitter, and the test-subject’s choking response may give a hint to the flavor of this beverage.

However, the broccoli powder may go well with soups or in green smoothies. According to Mashable, the broccoli powder is made by using a “combination of selected pre-treatment and drying processes” that keeps the flavor, color and nutrients from the tiny green trees while also making it easy to mix into any sort of liquid. Plus, two spoonfuls of the stuff equals one serving of vegetables, and it helps to cut down on food waste because it’s made with the entire broccoli plant — stems and all.

So maybe we won’t see broccoli lattes on the Starbucks secret menu anytime soon, but if you’re still looking to add vitamins C, K, A, and B6 along with folate, magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients you can get from broccoli, you can always check out the produce section in your supermarket — and then douse those broccoli crowns in some ranch.