Ben & Jerry's coolest summer flavor is only sold at one store

It’s finally getting to be warm enough to call it ice cream season, and Ben & Jerry’s has come through with a new summer flavor inspired by camping, trail mix, and ridiculous amounts of chocolate and marshmallows.

According to Delish, Ben & Jerry’s new Glampfire Trail Mix ice cream is inspired by “glamping,” which is basically just like regular camping, except the tent would make a five-star hotel look shabby, and when you decide you want to make s’mores, someone comes out in a golf cart to build the fire and also bring some iced Champagne.

It might not bear much resemblance to “roughing it,” but neither does this new ice cream bear much resemblance to the healthy mix of sunflower seeds and raisins that people used to call trail mix. Not that that’s a bad thing, because Ben & Jerry’s new flavor sounds more like a new take on perennial favorite Rocky Road.

More from The Daily Meal:

It’s a chocolate ice cream with thick swirls of marshmallow, fudge-covered almonds, and a crunchy swirl of salty pretzels. Even among the complete list of Ben & Jerry’s flavors, that one sounds pretty indulgent.

Unfortunately, Glampfire Trail Mix is only available at Target, but it’s already available in stores.

Ben & Jerry’s also has a second summer flavor that’s not just for Target, and this one sounds pretty great too. Gimme S’More starts with a toasted marshmallow ice cream base mixed with chocolate swirls, graham cracker swirls, and fudge flakes. Gimme S’More is already in stores as well, so between the two flavors it sounds like this week’s dessert plans are sorted.

This story originally appeared in The Daily Meal.