Bartender sets patron’s face on fire while making flaming shot

Fire is dangerous, especially when combined with alcohol.

Earlier this month, a bartender at Lithuanian nightclub Naktinis Tbilisis accidentally lit a customer’s on fire while preparing a flaming shot.

The terrifying moment was captured on the video and the unidentified victim later posted a picture from the hospital.

The shot prepared is known as a “Flaming Lamborghini ,” a combination of Sambuca and Kahlua, set alight and downed quickly through a straw while it's still on fire. As the mixture depletes, the whole concoction is doused with more shots of Baileys and Blue Curacao to finish, according to bartending site Drinks Mixer.

In the video posted to LiveLeak, fellow bar patrons rush to the victim’s aid as he tries to put out the fire on his face. None of the staff appear to be helping the man but the victim’s sister told Lithuianian news site that the owner of Naktinis Tbilisis and bartender visited the victim in the hospital.

The extent of his injuries remain unknown but the report says that he needed surgery.

Take a look at the gruesome incident caught on video.