A McDonald's kiosk sold this person an empty bag

While McDonald’s virtual kiosks may make ordering more convenient, the machines are prone to a slight hiccup. Twitter user @arikuyo visited one of the chain’s U.K. locations in pursuit of a pickle-less cheeseburger, but after a curious experiment, he left the store with only an empty bag. Its contents — which were literally nothing — still cost 99 pence.

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Initially, @arikuyo was only going to take away the pickles from his burger when he realized he could remove every single ingredient. So, naturally, he tried just that. The 17-year-old confirmed that his McDonald’s bag arrived empty, and even posted a receipt from his bank showing the 99 pence charge. The intrepid experimenter documented the experience through photos on his Twitter — which have now been shared over 64 thousand times.

“I just spent 99p for nothing from McDonald’s,” the original post reads.

“It’s the healthy option I guess,” someone replied, adding a laughing emoji.

Others found the technical difficulty to be a learning experience: “Brilliant! This is genius. It should become a mandatory ‘page’ in the University syllabus for anyone studying software design,” one man wrote.

Though some would consider this a victory in the quest for internet gold, others might see this is a hard fail for McDonald’s.