The Jigsaw puzzle is complete -- and some viewers couldn't be more relieved.

"Saw 3D," said to be the final chapter in the "Saw" franchise, slashed the Halloween box office this weekend with $24.2 million.

The seventh installment in the series about an evil psycho killer named Jigsaw made $10 million more than last year's installment, "Saw VI."

However, that's not saying much. "Saw VI" only earned only $14.1 million in its first weekend, making it the stinker of the series. Previous "Saw" sequels all topped $30 million over opening weekend.

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And while "Saw 3D" did manage to top its rival, "Paranormal Activity 2," it wasn't really a fair race. "Paranormal" opened a week earlier with $40.7 million -- quite a bit more than "Saw."

Audiences were lukewarm about the film, but critics wholeheartedly slashed it.

"Saw 3D has been advertised as the last installment of the 'Saw' series, and let's hope that is true," wrote Huffington Post film critic Jackie Cooper. "This last installment is as gory, nauseating, and horrific as a movie can be. . . . Violence can be just as pornographic as sex, and this film glorifies violence to the extreme."

But is "Saw" the most offensive franchise in sequel-loving Hollywood? Which movie franchise do you think needs to die, yesterday?