'Wheel of Fortune': Guy makes unbelievable correct guess

We don't blame Pat Sajack for patting down contestant Emil De Leon, looking for wires, after his incredible correct guess on yesterday's "Wheel of Fortune."

Emil had an 'N' and an 'E' and managed to guess ... well you have to watch to find out.

The nursing student told TMZ he was studying pediatrics back in January when the show taped, so he had babies on his mind when he made his epic guess.

His shot in the dark won him $45,000. He said Pat Sajack pulled him aside after the win to tell him he is one of the best "Wheel" players the host has ever seen. 

The words whiz took home a total of $63,099.

But seriously - did De Leon pay off the person who picks the phrases, or what? How did he do that?