War Stories: Morten Tyldum, Mark Strong and Charles Dance Play 'The Imitation Game'

As the thrilling new film "The Imitation Game" clearly proves, the truth is often more interesting than fiction.

Based on actual events, "The Imitation Game" follows the story of Britain's top cryptologists as they work to break the Axis' secret codes during World War II.

"This is a story about Alan Turing, this brilliant, odd, awkward mathematician who broke the Nazi enigma machine," explains director Morten Tyldum in the video above. "And by then, [he] shortened the war. Saved millions of lives."

But Tyldum's "Imitation Game" is about more than just Turing's brilliant efforts. The famed code-breaker was surrounded by a team of the most talented linguists and cryptanalysts in the country — many of whom are portrayed by veteran English actors.

"My character runs Bletchley Park, where all the code-breakers were working to crack the enigma code," says Charles Dance, who portrays Commander Alastair Denniston. "And Denniston was surrounded by a bunch of people who were far more intelligent than he was, far brighter. And he tried to run Bletchley park like a dormitory for naughty schoolboys."

<p>Mark Strong stars as well, playing a Major General Stewart Menzies. </p> <p>&quot;He was the guy responsible for bringing together all these very talented mathematicians to break the enigma code,&quot; explains Strong.  &quot;It was his job after the war, and when the need for secrecy was paramount, to create the organization that we know today as MI6.&quot; <iframe class="foxvideo" src="http://video.imag.foxnews.com/v/video-embed.html?video_id=4710221944001&amp;autoplay=true">

Check out the videos above for more preview footage from "The Imitation Game," and be sure to catch it in theaters on November 28.