'Walking Dead' recap: Governor has plans for Andrea, and they aren't good

“The Walking Dead” makes up for its lack of action last week with more than enough in this week’s, “Prey,” as Andrea finds herself in very hot water in a heart-stopping episode.

It begins with the Governor preparing a creepy torture chamber. (Are we surprised?)  Meanwhile, his men are outside on the street preparing for the war and gathering up weapons.

“I thought there was a deal on the table,” a very suspicious Andrea asks Milton.

“Oh, I’m sure it’s just a precaution,” Milton says, ever protecting the Governor.

But Milton changes his mind about protecting him, when he sees the Governor’s torture chamber a short while later.

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“This was supposed to be a new way to start out,” Milton says to the Governor about Woodbury.  “This business with Michonne, I understand, but the people at the prison…”

“We should move on? I will as soon as this is over,” the Governor responds.

Milton realizes (finally!) that the Governor is up to no good and that this is about WAY more than revenge on Michonne.

Milton sneaks Andrea to a room above the torture chamber to show her the craziness and to fill her in on the Governor’s true intentions.

“Leave, tell the people at the prison to get out of there,” Milton says desperately to Andrea.

Andrea sticks her gun out the window to kill the Governor down in the chamber, but Milton stops her, arguing that killing him is not going to solve anything.

Oh, how wrong he is.

Andrea jumps over Woodbury’s wall and sprints away to go alert Rick and the gang at the prison of what is really going on. Before she does, she attempts to convince Tyrese of the Governor’s evil plan.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t stay here. The Governor is not what he seems to be.  He has done terrible things and is planning worse,” she says.

Tyrese doesn’t immediately seem convinced. But later he is convinced when he sees a huge pit of walkers that the Governor is keeping to use on Rick and his group. He also sees Martinez loading the large amount of weapons into a truck.

Andrea’s claims are validated now, to Tyrese.  The Governor is not simply defending Woodbury—they are going to war.

“This is sick,” he tells Martinez.  “You can’t do this!”

Meanwhile, the Governor is just finding out that Andrea is gone and flips out on Milton.

“You knew she was leaving didn’t you? Did you tell her about the deal? About Michonne? She knows, doesn’t she?”

He takes his truck to go hunt Andrea down. It doesn’t take him long—she is on foot after all—and chases her into a warehouse.

“Andrea, come back to me,” the Governor pleads, as a hiding Andrea listens in horror. “We need you, we all need you.  That’s your home now.”

When Andrea doesn’t come out of hiding, the Governor stops playing good cop and begins to smash panels of glass and tear through the warehouse in an attempt to find her.

After an incredibly suspenseful game of cat-and-mouse, Andrea finds herself cornered by the Governor.  But she smartly opens a back door and lets in a hungry group of walkers she had noticed earlier, hides behind the door as they file in, and slams the door behind them, trapping the Governor in.  The Governor only has one gun on him—it’s bound to run out of bullets, right?  It looks like Andrea has finally sealed the deal.

Yeah, right.  There are still two episodes left in the season.

Just as Andrea reaches the prison and is about to get the attention of Rick, who is standing guard, the Governor comes up behind her in the woods and begins to choke her. Rick thinks he notices something in the woods and is about to shoot, before deciding it is nothing. Oh no.

As Andrea is fighting for her life, someone in Woodbury takes it upon themselves to use gasoline and burn all of the walkers in the pit. But who?

The Governor returns to Woodbury (where is Andrea?) and is briefed on the news.

He asks an obviously oblivious Tyrese where he got the gasoline.

“Come again?” Tyrese asks, clearly having no involvement in the deed.

The Governor realizes that it wasn’t Tyrese who burned the biters, but someone else.

The Governor encounters that someone outside.

“It’s a real shame about the pits,” Milton says, unable to contain a smirk.  “I hope you find out who did it.”

Good for Milton! But where is Andrea?

In a haunting final scene, the camera pans away from Milton and the Governor and makes its way down into the Governor’s chamber, where we see a frightened Andrea, bound and gagged in a chair.

It looks like Michonne isn’t the only one the Governor is planning on torturing.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday night on AMC.