Viral video gal Ashley Bongiovanni: I brought Rory McIlroy good luck

Back in the ‘80s video vixens like “The Cherry Pie Girl” were all the rage. So what’s the modern day equivalent? Viral video sensations like model Ashley Bongiovanni, who tried her best to capture the attention of PGA champ Rory McIlroy at a recent tournament.

A short clip of Ashley tossing her blonde locks has been viewed almost 700,000 times on Vine. Bongiovanni joined us in the FOX411 studio to discuss her attention-grabbing clip.

FOX411: So after this happened, Rory won two tournaments in a row – including his fourth major. Do you think you’re his good luck charm?
Bongiovanni: I think he had that going on before I showed up but maybe I added a little good luck.

FOX411: Rory just broke off his engagement. Has he reached out to you, or have you reached out to him?
Bongiovanni: I can’t speak for him but if something like that was to be going on I would keep it private. I would say ask [Rory].

FOX411: But you didn’t keep it private on Twitter because you tweeted at Rory’s official account a few times.
Bongiovanni: If he was to contact me that would be private but Twitter is fair game.

FOX411: Were you surprised to see yourself all over the web?
Bongiovanni: It’s not something I planned for. It’s great to have people pointed towards me, and see all the stuff that I’m into. It’s not just modeling. I do music and a bunch of other stuff.
FOX411: Are you getting asked out by any sports stars or celebs now?
Bongiovanni: Not by any sports celebs but sports fans [are] saying Rory would be stupid for not taking me out.

FOX411: What do you plan to do with your newfound fame?
Bongiovanni: The door is open for anything right now. I’m flying by the seat of my pants.

FOX411: Do you think you’re the next Katherine Webb?
Bongiovanni: I’m the next Ashley Bongiovanni.