Viral vid star Rebecca Grant fields anti-aging offers, can't wait for Clippers game

Rebecca Grant, affectionately self-nicknamed the “boob grabber,” went from little known television host to bona fide viral video star status after she was caught adjusting her gals on the JumboTron at the Clippers game last week.

Grant made headlines again when she had “mini meltdown” on our FOX411 Los Angeles set and yelled at her publicist during our interview with her.

But it turns out she's just getting started, and what may get her even more attention than her ample assets ... is her age.

Grant, 45, told us she has been “getting a lot of anti-aging skin care campaigns/fitness offers, after my age was published everywhere, and fans are in disbelief."

"A lady doesn't like to talk about age, but we live in a time that age and everything else about a person is available online," she said. "If I book an anti-aging campaign or fitness campaign, it would at least be a little more worth everyone continuing to talk about my age."

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    Friday night, Grant will be back in the arena that put her on the map to watch her favorite team, the Clippers, as they take on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    “I imagine everyone and I will be on the JumboTron at some point in the game," she told FOX411. "It’s not going to be the same TV crew tonight (ESPN) as the other game was on (TNT).”

    Grant will also not be in the exact same seat this time around -- she tells us she's in the same row, but a few seats over to the left.

    You can also expect her to be decked out in cleavage-baring Clippers gear.

    "The Los Angeles Clippers Winning the series against OKC Thunder is pretty important to me right now," she added.