'Veep' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks politics and sex in upcoming season

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If there's one thing the cast of "Veep" knows it is that nothing stays a secret in Washington for too long.

That's just one of many tips the star of the HBO show Julia Louis-Dreyfus learned from some of Washington's most powerful players.

Dreyfus, who plays Vice President-turned-President Selina Meyer, revealed a few pieces of advice real-life veep Joe Biden shared with her over their "many lunches."

"I have had many opportunities to hang out with Joe Biden," Drefyus said at a Q&A with the cast of "Veep" at New York City's Paley Center for Media on Tuesday. "He couldn't be more charming and he was very forthcoming about the position and... really reiterating something that Al Gore had told me that it really, of course, really hinges on the relationship they have with the president."

Dreyfus' character assumed the presidency after the president resigned at the end of season 3, making her the first female president of the United States. The actress couldn't help but point out that life may soon be imitating art.

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"I think it's fabulous," Dreyfus said in response of the possibilities of female politicians Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren running in 2016. "I certainly hope that one of them is going to run. I suspect that that is the case and that we'll be hearing about it very soon. Yeah, it's good for the show so I'm hopeful."

The 54-year-old also said she's gained sympathy for politicians since starring on the show-- specifically female politicians, who she said are constantly judged based on their appearances.

"Well because I'm very aware of the fact that female politicians...are scrutinized for their look," Dreyfus said of the show's decision to chop off her character's hair. "That seems to be what people are most interested in talking about often instead of maybe the legislation they're trying to put forth."

While the shorter hairdo was a big talking point on season 3, the wig will be "phased out" around episode 4 because "there's only so much of that you can look at" she told a laughing audience.

A return to longer locks is just one small thing the cast revealed of the upcoming season. Matt Walsh, who plays press secretary Mike McLintock, alluded to his character being shot in a future episode.

Speaking to his character's best traits, Walsh coyly said, "taking a bullet for Selina."

The actor later clarified on Twitter it would only be a "metaphorical bullet."

The cast also offered a few details on guest star Hugh Laurie's character.

"He's awesome and he's from England but he sounds like an American," Walsh told FOX411. 

Dreyfus added, "He's playing a politician and he's playing someone who's quite affable and then maybe he's not exactly what you think he is and that's all we can say at this point."

Dreyfus also spoke to her character's lack of a love interest in season 4. "We allude to something but beyond that, not particularly this season."

But she promised that next season, "I'm going to have so much sex!"

Veep returns to HBO on April 12.